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LiFi - Visible Light Communication (VLC)


pdf 1-Gb/s Transmission Over a Phosphorescent White LED by Using Rate-Adaptive Discrete Multitone Modulation Popular

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1-Gb/s Transmission Over a Phosphorescent White LED by Using Rate-Adaptive Discrete Multitone Modulation by A M Khalid et. al., IEEE Photonics Journal (4)5:1465-1473, 2012.

pdf 3.4 Gbit/s visible optical wireless transmission based on RGB LED Popular

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3.4 Gbit/s visible optical wireless transmission based on RGB LED by G Cossu et. al., Optics Express (20)26:8501-8506, 2012.

pdf An Alternative Communication Technology - Visible Light Communication Popular

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4.11.9 Chancen English.pdf

Opportunities for a Sustainable Communications Technology, Stefan Spaarman, 2009


pdf Broadband Room Service by Light Popular

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Encoded light transmissions can provide the wireless devices in a room with multimedia Web services such as videoconferencing, movies on demand and more.  By Mohsen Kavehrad, Scientific American Journal, July 2007.

document Challenge of NFC Technology using Visible Light Popular

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Challenge of NFC technology using Visible Light.  Clint Chaplin, Samsung Electronics, 4 December 2008

pdf Ecological Turning Point of Communication Popular

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Lichttechnologie 19.4.12.pdf

Ecological Turning Point of Communication, Instead of Microwave Chaos a Fibre Network with Light Telepoints (Ökologische Wende der Kommunikation, Statt Mikrowellenchaos ein Fasernetz mit Licht-Telepoints) by Stefan Spaarman 21.4.2012

pdf Free-Space Optical Communications Popular

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Free-Space Optical Communications by Thomas Little and Jeff Carruthers, Sensor Network Consortium meeting, Boston, MA, May 2008.

pdf Health and Environment Friendly Mass Communication with Photonic Networks Popular

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Lichttechnologie 2011.pdf

Health and Environment Friendly Mass Communication with Photonic Networks by Claus Scheingraber and Stefan Spaarmann, 2011 (document mainly in German).

pdf High-Speed Wireless Indoor Communication via Visible Light Popular

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High-Speed Wireless Indoor Communication via Visible Light, J Grubor et. al., 2007

pdf LumiLink White paper Popular

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LumiLink White paper by Ecma International, 2009.

pdf Network Solutions for the LOS Problem of New Indoor Free Space Optical System Popular

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Network Solutions for the LOS Problem of New Indoor Free Space Optical System by Z. Wu and T.D.C. Little, Proc. IEEE, IEE Intl. Symp. on Communications Systems, Networks, and Digital Signal Processing 2010, Newcastle, UK, July 2010.

pdf OFDM Visible Light Wireless Communication Based on White LEDs Popular

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OFDM Visible Light Wireless Communication Based on White LEDs.  H. Elgala et. al., School of Engineering and Science, International University Bremen.

pdf Optical Wireless Communications – The Story So Far Popular

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Optical Wireless Communications – The Story So Far.  Z. Ghassemlooy, Optical Communications Research Group, The University of Northumbria, 2006

pdf Sustainable Energy-Efficient Wireless Applications Using Light Popular

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Sustainable Energy-Efficient Wireless Applications Using Light by Mohsen Kavehrad, IEEE Communications Magazine, December 2010

pdf Visible Light Communication Popular

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2010-06-29 Pohlmann. Visible Light Communication.pdf

Visible Light Communication by Christian Pohlmann, Institut für Telematik | Universität zu Lübeck, 29 June 2010

pdf Visible Light Communications Popular

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Visible Light Communications

by Sylvester C.S. Lo from The Hong King University of Science and Technology

pdf Visible light communications: achieving high data rates Popular

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Visible light communications: achieving high data rates by Dominic O'Brien, 8 February 2011.

pdf Visible Light Communications: challenges and possibilities Popular

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Visible Light Communications: challenges and possibilities

by Dominic C. O'Brien, Lubin Zeng, Hoa Le-Minh, Grahame Faulkner, Joachim W. Walewski, Sebastian Randel

from University of Oxford (UK) and Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Information and Communications,Munich (Germany)

pdf Visible Light Communications: Recent Activities in Japan Popular

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Visible Light Communications:  Recent Activities in Japan.  Shinichiro Haruyama, Presentation at Smart Spaces: A Smart Lighting ERC Industry - Academia Day at BU Photonics Center, Boston University, February 8, 2011.

archive VLC References Popular

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VLC References