The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, 21 April 2011

Stop Smart Meters! caught up on Wednesday evening with Daniel Hirsch, a lecturer and expert in nuclear policy at UCSC who has been widely quoted in the media regarding recent events in Japan. Mr. Hirsch had just finished his talk at Stevenson College, UCSC about the crisis at Fukushima and what it means for the future of nuclear energy. Mr. Hirsch reviewed the report on smart meters and health requested by the state legislature and found some very disturbing anomalies.

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It appears that many of the distortions that industry has used to deflect concern about such non-ionizing wireless radiation are the same techniques that have been used for many years to downplay ionizing nuclear radiation. 

From Mr. Hirsch's calculations, smart meters expose residents to about 100x the microwave radiation of a cell phone- precisely opposite what the industry is claiming.