Nelson Life, Canada, 2 October 2010

While concerned health advocates around the world continue to battle against the electro-pollution of cell phone masts in their neighborhoods, and parents are suddenly realizing the connection between their children’s health problems and wi-fi networks in schools — now along comes a new pollution health threat.

Somewhere around 3 to 10 percent of the populaton is electro-sensitive — meaning they are adversely affected by exposure to such things as power lines, cell and portable phones, wireless computer accessories and networks, public wi-fi networks, and the like. Many find it necessary to seek refuge in less polluted areas, but such areas are becoming increasingly hard to find.

Soon refuge may be impossible without moving to the boonies and living without electricity. That’s because BC has climbed aboard the clean, green energy bandwagon with its new ‘smart grid’ plan. The BC Smart Grid would replace today’s electric meters with wireless meters, which can be read remotely by a drive-by meter-reading van or by a permanently installed neighborhood meter collector that picks up a radio signal from the meter. Not only would the smart-meter system replace meter readers and confrontations with territorial dogs, but a host of other ‘smart’ electrical functions would become possible.

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